WWE Supercard – Just another card game?

WWE Supercard is an electronic card battle game for iOS and Android, featuring famous wrestlers from WWE. It’s a single player game with the option to play against others, and is a free download, although there are micro-transactions in the game that enable you to buy cards for real cash.

Basic Gameplay

The main idea behind WWE Supercard is to collect cards and will be familiar to anyone who’s played similar games with real cards. Each card features a character from WWE with a rating for power, toughness, speed, and charisma.

You initially start out with a deck of seven cards including four superstars, two support cards (which can be used to boost the power of other cards), and one diva card.

Cards are played against each other in a wrestling match, where you can typically expect cards with higher ratings to win. Each round favors one type of rating, so power might be the most important rating in the first round, and speed in the second.

When you win a round, you have the option of choosing two new cards to add to your collection. Even if you lose a round, you can choose one card, making it easy to build up a large collection of cards without spending any money. Your less powerful cards can also be traded in in exchange for boosting other cards.

The overall aim is to build up a collection of powerful and rare cards, win more matches, and eventually become world champion.

Game Modes

The game includes various different modes that can be selected on startup. The most popular modes are described below:

· Wild

· King of the Ring

· Road to Glory

· People’s Champion Challenge

· Exhibition

Wild mode covers the basic game play described above. There’s no real end to this game – you just keep playing until you’re happy with the rarity and power of the cards you’ve collected.

King of the Ring (KOTR) starts with a deck of 14 cards. Rather than choosing your own opponents, as in wild mode, KOTR pits your cards against the cards of 15 other players. Each match takes 10 minutes and there is a gap of 50 minutes before a new match starts, so this mode can take some time.

The top eight players after 45 matches move into the semi-finals where the players battle to find the top two players. These two players then fight for winning position.

In People’s Champion Challenge (PCC), players choose a side and aim to earn points for the superstar chosen by winning matches. The player can choose from three opponents and is only given the number of points that can be earned, rather than their rating in different categories.

Road to Glory (RTG) uses a deck of 22 cards. The player choses an opponent just as in PCC mode and is split into four rounds, where four cards are selected for the player at random for each round. The person who wins most matches after all four rounds are complete is the winner.

Exhibition Mode pits the seven best cards (chosen by the player) against other people’s cards, based on the value of the four different rankings given to each card. As in wild mode, you get to choose two new cards if you win.

Boosts and Bonuses

Most modes include the use of bonus cards, which come in the form of a chair or ladder. These cards work to boost the stats of superstar and diva cards in your deck.

If you have a favorite WWE wrestler, you’ll love the feature of the game that allows you to boost the stats as high as possible. You can do this by sacrificing a different card

When you have two of the same card, you can turn it into a “pro” card. Pro cards have much higher stats than normal and these can be maximized by leveling up each card as much as possible before converting it to pro.

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WWE Supercard is not as complex as other card games like Magic: The Gathering, but it becomes quickly addictive and is satisfying to play. The rapid pace gameplay makes it an ideal game for when you have a spare 10 minutes and don’t want to concentrate too hard. While there is the opportunity to spend money in game, there’s no need to buy additional credits unless you become seriously obsessed.

Watching actual cards do battle in the ring is pretty funny, and overall, this is a simple, fun, and engaging game that can provide you with countless hours of entertainment. It’s definitely worth a download for WWE fans or card game enthusiasts.