Strategy to Boost Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is an underutilized yet tremendously effective social network platform. This video marketing platform hosts a huge amount of online content, coming from different subjects. People only think about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when it comes to social networks, but tend to forget or ignore the massive potential that YouTube holds.

As at 2012, YouTube had over 4 billion views per day, and that number has increased massively since then. This billion-strong social platform can give your business huge exposure while increasing your influence across social networks.

If you have been using YouTube and you are struggling to increase views to your videos, here are tried and tested strategies that will increase your engagement numbers.

Share Your Videos on Social Media Websites

This is another amazing technique, guaranteed to give you more views on YouTube. Sharing your videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+ is simple but extremely effective.

While sharing your YouTube videos on social media, ensure that you include a message encouraging sharing the video widely, with others who might benefit or enjoy the content. These extra shares will definitely increase your viewership.

Apart from your videos going viral and receiving a huge number of shares and likes, search engines like YouTube and Google will definitely notice these levels of higher engagement. This means that your videos are worth the exposure, and you will move up higher in the rankings.

Use Appropriate Annotations 

YouTube provides you with a unique feature, which you can use to add annotations to your videos. With the help of annotations, you can add interactive commentary to all your YouTube videos. They can be compared to a call to action on other forms of content.

Annotations can lead viewers to more content while increasing community actions on your YouTube content. Annotations can also attract new viewers to your videos. Most people would only watch a video to the end, if it were interesting.

If you want to keep them longer on your videos, throw in a thumbnail of your other videos and then add an annotation. This way, they will just click and proceed to watch your other videos. This results to more views.

Keep Your Videos Short and Interesting 

No one loves watching boring content. Similar to other visual forms of content, your videos must be interesting. Video watch time is a very crucial factor, when it comes to ranking on search engines. The number of your viewers is more important than the number of minutes that the video is watched.

In today’s world, there is so much content out there that attention spans keep diminishing. Although it is always a huge challenge to keep people watching your content, it is definitely worth the effort. If possible, grab the attention of your viewer within the first 5 seconds. Keep your videos to at least 5 minutes.

Use Basic SEO and Marketing Principles 

The basic principles of marketing online content remain almost the same, across all platforms. This means that these principles also apply to your YouTube videos. The only difference is the tactical means of implementing them. Strategies that you can use to ensure your videos rank higher on YouTube include:

– Actively promoting your videos using email marketing or even writing a blog post and embedding it inside the video

– Keyword research and optimization

– Optimize the video prior and after uploading

Picking Right Thumbnail

It is a great idea to have attractive thumbnails for your YouTube videos. According to Quicksprout, beautiful and simple thumbnails can increase engagement by more than 150%. To put this into context, if your videos were previously attracting at least 1 million views, then they will rise to 1.5 million views.

Therefore, ensure that you design something that will grab the attention of your viewers while giving them the information they need. When doing this, use bright colors. Apart from that, you can use related terms describing your videos.

Additionally, don’t use misleading thumbnails. People who click on a misleading thumbnail only to realize the video is irrelevant to the topic will definitely leave your video and even unsubscribe from your channel.

This will eventually lead to low ratings and low retention rates, and lowering your rankings in the process. If you cannot design your own thumbnail, you can use a YouTube thumbnailer, which designs and creates them automatically.


YouTube is an effective channel that you can use to increase the exposure of your business. The good news is that marketers, who tend to prefer easier and straightforward means of marketing, have not saturated it. If you have a YouTube channel, the above tips can help to increase the engagement of your YouTube videos.